Hi, I’m Shy

Hi, I’m Shy

"If you don't have a presence on the internet, you are essentially limiting your entire life to the physical space around you. You're limiting the people you interact with, the ideas that you put out there and that you're exposed to, job opportunities, collaborations - everything is just limited to your geography.”

I heard the above quote from Taimur in a not overthinking podcast episode, and well, this website is a response to that. I used to constantly find myself doubting whether or not I should create my own website, as I had no idea what I would put on it. I realized however, that none of my other internet presences accurately reflect who I am, what I'm capable of, and what I'm up to. So I've finally decided to create this minimal platform where you'll be able to learn a little more about me and what I'm up to through the links above.

I've constantly been hearing the idea that "Creating things is much more rewarding than consuming things", or that "You should always try to be creating more than you consume". So I've finally decided to start with a blog using Notion❤️, where I'll be posting about things related to business, tech, and fitness. The idea behind these posts is attempt to make connections with various ideas, frameworks, or learnings that I've come across recently, in the hopes of potentially opening up a dialog and connecting with you all.

What I’m currently working on

(outside of being a CSM @ Bluescape)

Last updated on May 1st, 2023. Inspired by Derek Sivers.

Building something…

My friend (connect with him please, his LinkedIn game is weak) and I have been talking about different apps & product ideas for a couple years now and we’ve finally landed on one that we really like. Summary: reference checking in the hiring process is outdated and we think we have a solution to it. We won’t have anything to share publicly for quite a while, but we set a deadline to have an MVP by August 1st, so if you’re interested in being one of our early testers, please reach out!

I have a Notion page with dozens of these product/company ideas, so I’m really excited to finally start building one of them. If you ever want to see all my ideas or have an idea pitching contest, let me know ✌🏽

Learning Portuguese

I’ll be travelling to Brazil this summer with my girlfriend to visit her entire family and all her best friends. Many of them speak little to no English, so it’s time to win some brownie points 🤓

The way I’m currently going about it is by following Nathanial Drew’s Portuguese Resources & learning methodology + some daily Duolingo. I might join a real course if those aren’t working out.

Publishing 24 blog posts by July 8, 2023

I set a lofty goal for myself to publish 12 blog posts this year (I do yearly planning around my birthdays, not the new year). I’ve really overcomplicated the idea of my blog to the point that I have over 30 ideas, many of them drafted up already, but never get to the polishing and posting part because I don’t think that they’re good enough. Something is better than nothing, and that’s what you’ll all be getting, 24 somethings.

Personal training stuff

I just finished the Functional Patterns 10 week online course - planning on writing a quick blog post about my thoughts. Going to take a break from PT courses for now and experiment with the ideas I’ve learned over the past year with Pre-Script & FP. My next course/certification will eventually be the CSCS, not sure when; my priorities above ☝🏽 are taking up most of my time lately.

Archived notes on PS-L1, FP, & my weightlifting journey

I’ve been weightlifting for over 6 years at this point and have learned everything I know through trial & error, personal experiences (mostly injuries🥴), Youtube videos, and spending hundreds of $$ on different pre-written programs, so I figured it’s about time I formally educate myself.

Reasons I took PS-L1 & FP and am planning on taking more
  1. I just love exercise and movement.
  2. I want to become a Product Manager for up & coming fitness technologies.
  3. I’m on and off with personal training on the side.
  4. There’s a <10% chance I become a physiotherapist one day….. Still not 0!

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